Ava Reese of Tampa Bay
Hello, and welcome to my world. I call it my world of Mystique because I believe that every woman has that little bit of mystery. Sometimes that one thing that attracts you to her is what you don't know, can't see, and what you've yet to experience. So I welcome you to unwrap the mystery surrounding me.

My name is Ava, and I would love to explore the mystery with you. Please take the time to delve into my website, and learn just a little bit more about who I am, and what I can offer you. I am 5'3" and a delicious size 11. I have waist length natural red hair, and clear blue eyes that tend to express exactly what I am feeling. I am manicured, and pedicured, and love maintaining the little things like that. I am in my mid thirty's and am located in the Tampa Bay area of FL.  I love meeting new people, and experiencing new things with new friends.  I'm highly devoted to your satisfaction, and pleasure.  There's nothing that makes me feel more emboldened than a well satisfied man. I am certain that there's nothing you'd enjoy better than a morning, afternoon, or evening experiencing my total devotion to your euphoria. ;)

Like any woman I have certain things that I like, and certain things that I love. Some of my passions and hobbies include reading, spending time with my friends & loved ones, working on my tan lines at the beach, traveling, dancing (in public or with just the two of us). I'm particularly in love with animals, and I love going to theme parks to indulge the big kid that's still lurking somewhere inside of me. I enjoy concerts, and music, and in general things that are festive. I'm involved in my community in volunteer activities, and believe that true generosity in mind and action is the greatest gift that you can give to someone. Helping others and giving back makes me feel like a very fortunate woman. 

So if you enjoy any of the things that I love perhaps I am the right companion for you. A myriad of opportunities may come our way, but you never know who you may connect with best. Take that chance with me, I just may be the girl of your dreams. 

Until we meet, dream of me...

[email protected]